Financial Solutions and Services:

Financial Solutions and Services are becoming more and more challenging due to the complex and dynamic market situations around the globe. For many companies, it is indeed a challenge to meet the expectations of the demanding market. To meet these expectations and challenges, iTek has equipped itself to provide Financial solutions in various domains. We have over two decades of experience both in the business and technology aspects pertaining to this market. Our expertise includes:




RETAIL BANKING: From front-office teller, mid-office transaction management and back-office clearance to scheduled batch jobs like start-of-day and end-of-day reconciliations.


PRIVATE BANKING or WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Systems catering to the personalized needs of the high net-worth individuals in the areas of portfolio management, personalized investment advisory, treasury bills and government bonds, small duration debt instruments etc.


INVESTMENT BANKING: Equity/Security market processes like order capture, trade management to trade settlement and clearing. Handling of SWIFT, Reuters, Telekurs and Bloomberg interfaces etc.


INSURANCE: Integration with larger systems handling international insurance products and their processing.


Portfolio management
Investment Advisory
Application process Optimization (APO)
Business Intelligence
Collateral management
KYC (know your client) – call tracking
Back-office Processing
Migration from cross-platforms

Oracle 9i/10g
PL/SQL, shell programming
Data Warehousing
Internet/Intranet (WEB) development
Synergy (Telelogic), Clearcase(Rational)
Rational tools (Rose,RAD,RSA)
Software testing tools(Rational Robot, RFT)
Microfocus Cobol/Pro-Cobol/C/C++
IBM Mainframe/DB2
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