eGovernment Solutions:

Government agencies across the globe face constant pressures to improve their information processes, raise productivity, and eliminate costly inefficiencies. iTek offers federal, state, and local agencies innovative business intelligence and integrated solutions that helps them achieve strategic management goals through real-time information sharing, collaboration, and analysis. For government agencies, a transformation revolution is underway, driven by various federal government initiatives. Transformation is reshaping the way government does business, from cutting costs and controlling processes to enhancing mission-critical effectiveness and providing better information for decision making.


iTek is leading the way in this revolution having worked with various Government agencies over the past 28 years. Some recent examples of our eGovernment implementations include:


Public Utilities Commission Case Management: Informal Complaint Management, Formal Complaint Management, Matter Management, Tariff Management, Case Proceedings Recording, Commission Agenda Management, Transportation and Safety, and Appeals Tracking.


Worker Welfare: Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and Workforce Investment.


Child Welfare: Child Support, Child Care and Child Law Enforcement.


Fraud Investigation & Claims Management: Detection; Referral Tracking; Case Management; Reporting; Claim Disposition Tracking; Strategic Planning & Evaluation.


Judicial Case Management: For Civil, Criminal, Juvenile and Family Courts. The solution includes modules such as: Matter Filing, Scheduling, Proceedings (Trial, Evidence Management, Witness Management, Bail Management, Order Management, and Case Closure). iTek also undertakes Judicial Data Interchange and Integration projects.


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